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The Thick & Zesty herd sire hails from an unbroken line of pure Syfan Spanish goats.  We rotate the herd sire every year to ensure no in-breeding. 

Having evolved to withstand tough Texas climate, Spanish goats are inherently resistant to parasites.  These goats are gestate for about 5 months, are good mothers and usually produce twin offspring.

Cassie and Sweetness_edited.jpg

Cassie and Sweetness love to bandit hay off our 1965 truck

This is Reagan, born in October. She is a gorgeous little doe.

Reagan the goat_edited.jpg

Sweetness and Cassie are the foundation does of my herd. They're new mothers to more does...we are off to the races!  

When Sweetness was born, I could not resist putting this sweater on her - hopefully she's forgotten about it by now!

Spanish goats feed off of brush, junipers and leaves.  They also happen to love peanut butter!

Females sell for $300, males sell for $350. 

We don't dehorn goats or ship goats**!


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